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Introduction to meditation

These sessions are intended for those who wish to be initiated into meditation as well as those who have already meditated and want to reconnect with the space of meditation.

Meditation is neither a technique, nor a practice. It is the most natural experience there is. In the space of meditation, what we truly are in essence is revealed to us.

This awareness or realization transforms our entire vision and understanding of life. When the illusion or clouds that cover the Self subside, the mistaken ideas and conclusions that we have about ourselves and the world dissolve, leaving room for that which has always been to shine by itself. When we offer ourselves to the meditation space, the Bliss that does not depend on anything reveals itself and thus the path to permanent Bliss becomes clear.

As we walk this path, we will explore a number of aspects of the meditation experience, from the subtle to the extremely practical. 


Cost: $150 for the six, ninety-minute sessions

Date: days and times to be determined at our mutual convenience 



Cost: $300 for four sessions of one hour each?

Date: days and times to be determined at our mutual convenience