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Dwelling in the Ever-Present

Once again this year, I am delighted to invite you to join one of my groups for study, inquiry and meditation.

These meetings, traditionally called satsang, can   illuminate our thinking. We question what it is that makes the human being call the unreal real and the real unreal. We will contemplate some of the ancient sources of wisdom, such as the writings of Ashtaavakr and several others. Because they describe our true nature, these scriptures are as contemporary and relevant today as they were when they were written thousands of years ago. In the inquiry into the nature of existence and the experience of the meditation space, our original nature will reveal itself.

The human being is like a jewel that is concealed by the brilliance of its own light. We have always been this light, but the constantly changing waves of the mind cover the light in such a way that we remain veiled to who we truly are.

By immersing ourselves again and again in the vast ocean of the eternal presence we come to realize that we have never been bound, that we have always been free.

This is my invitation!


These SKYPE video conference sessions will take place in the mor ning, in the comfort of your own home. 

Starting date:  the next series begins mid-October 2015.

There will be two groups, one in French and one in English.

Duration: each meeting will last 90 minutes.

Cost: $150 for the six sessions

If this is the first time you have participated, you are welcome to register for the first meeting only ($25), to see whether you want to continue. You can register later for the next five sessions.