photo by Shaarda
Andréa Jutras-Aadi Shakti Is a pioneer in the field of energy healing in Quebec. She was the Founder/Director of ‘le Centre Turiya' in the eighties and nineties in Montreal. Aadi Shakti is the creator of two Teacher Trainings: "Dimension Énergétique”( Energy Dimension) et "L'Art de la guérison”(The Art of Healing). She has worked in the field of healing for more than 30 years. As a result, she carries an expanded understanding of the subtle realities of human existence.

During her past twenty years in India, she has dedicated her studies especially to the Ashtaawakr Gita, a non-dual scripture. It has become her preferred entry door into the Vastness of the Pure and Free Reality of Being.

Wherever she is, she accompanies people who want to nurture their connection to the Source. She offers seminars in Europe, Canada and the US.